Saturday, March 31, 2012


So this week the temperature has dropped to a more normal level, which is good in a way. I was starting to feel anxious that I was late starting my seeds, but I think they will be right on time. I'm going to do a "back up planting" this year just in case too. Last year my tomatoes flowered during a 90+ heat snap and ALL their flowers fell off and I ended up getting NO tomatoes at all. It was pretty disappointing. So this year I am starting a second batch of tomatoes about 2 weeks from now, so that if we have weird weather some should still survive. 

My Seeds!

Current Weather

In other news, I have been snapping pictures all over the neighborhood of beautiful spring scenes... Enjoy :)

 Check out this ferns! Don't they look weird when they first come up?

I loved this red flower by the white tree, with the little purple flowers all around...

 Don't know what sort of bush this is, but I thought it was really pretty.

These reminded me of Easter Eggs :)

There are a bunch of these blooming at my school. Aren't they nice? Wish I knew what they were!!

 So dreamy...

I love this yard, so quintessentially "Spring"

I always think the lime green new growth on bushes is interesting and beautiful. Bushes don't get many kudos for being "beautiful", but in spring they are if you look closely!

 Who doesn't love lilacs??

And of course, it just wouldn't be spring in Chicago if they didn't dye the river green on St. Patty's!!

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