Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Planting Day!!

Today was very exciting! The weather was aaaaaamazing & I had the day off work, which can only mean one thing.....

Planting Day has arrived!!!!

It was around 80* today and sunny so Will & I headed out to Gethsemane Garden Center to pick out flowers for my empty lonely flower beds. I am really happy that we decided to head up to the north side and visit a local garden supply center rather than going with Lowes this year. I think Lowes has a lot to offer, and I generally like the store, but when I have the option of supporting a small local business it feels good to do so. Gethsemane's was awesome. The store is all outdoors and is organized into subcategories. There was a whole section on statuary that was like walking right into The Secret Garden. We browsed through the perennial section but didn't find many plants that looked like they would grow well in little window boxes. I ended up getting all of my flowers from the annual section. I love the variety that comes with annuals, and the low-risk in case one doesn't work out or ends up diseased. For example, last year my impatiens all ended up with some sort of weird mold problem, but since impatiens are annuals and don't grow back on their own every year, I don't have to worry about dealing with this problem again. However, perennials are a great value because you only have to buy them once, and it is fun in the early spring to peak your head out and see if anything is coming back to life yet. Watching my fern and clematis turn from brown nothing to green something was exciting this spring. But anyways, with out further ado let me introduce you to my new summer line up!

Mystery Flower!!
The plant tag fell off of this one and
I can't remember what it is called... Any one know??
It smells really wonderful and the flowers are teeny tiny.

A view of those together in their box.
Box also includes a 'Valentine Rose' Begonia,
another Coleus, and Goldilocks Lysimachia

This is my Carnaby Clematis, Wizard Rose Coleus,
and Valentine Rose Begonia

The middle box is a pink theme with Valentine Rose Begonia

This thing is crazy pink.
It reminds me of those fake plants you put in a fish tank haha.
I haven't decided yet if I think it's tacky or if I like it.
All I know if I couldn't resist it's hot pink temptation for my dark and shady garden...

Look at my poor Japanese Painted Fern... stuck with the ladies this year!
He will bring some calming vibes to my vibrant center window box.

This is a Charmed Velvet Shamrock!
I dedicate this adorable Irish beauty to me Mum!
When the sun isn't shining on it, it's actually deep purple and
when the leaves open into full maturity
they look just like four leaf clovers.
Each clover is about the size of a silver dollar.

More Wizard Rose Coleus

And Goldilocks Lysimachia, which I'm hoping will
eventually drape over the edges of the box

Coleus who's variety is unknown... this tag must be off with
that mystery purple flower....

The whole gang...

I think that today is one of the best days I will have with my garden because everything is healthy and brand new. Soon the aphids, mold, and birds will find my plants and create my next blog entry :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

By these photos you'd think it was warm out...

Yesterday morning was gorgeous out! Silly me, I thought we were in for a beautiful day. Shortly after taking these pictures though it clouded completely up and dropped like 10 degrees. I think we maxed out at like 48 degrees. Oh well... maybe today will be better!

My fern looks a little rough right now as it starts to fill in for the summer, but in a few weeks it will be beautiful! I always think its weird how the new growth uncurls from the bottom.