Saturday, February 19, 2011

Worm Composting

Today my friend Kendra and I got our supplies together to start our worm composting boxes! Why would anyone want a box of worms you say? For their poop of course! It is with their generously donated "Brown Gold" that I will fertilize my plants and enrich my soil. Worms eat kitchen scraps like left over or wilted veggies and coffee grounds. Feeding these scraps to the worms makes me feel Green and Environmentally Responsible.

Right now, without any worm poop, my soil looks something like this:

But once I mix in a bit of Brown Gold.....

So now I bet you can understand why I'm excited about the worm box thing! ;) Kendra ordered our wormies in the mail (2 lbs, about 2,000 worms!) so I hope they will be here soon. When they come in I will post pictures of how to put together the worm box and step by step instructions in case you are inspired to start one for yourself. Until then I will need some help coming up with 2,000 names for my new pets...


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